The Nylon Highway
September 16, 2018

The ESEE Team and the RAT SAR team recetly spent

New Adventures Coming Soon
September 5, 2018

Patrick Rollins and I have been burning up the roads in 2018 and our most recent trip to Utah and Colorado was a highly anticipated trip that did not

August 25, 2018

Patrick Rollins, Shane Adams, and Bruce Bramlett of the ESEE crew made the trip out to Salt Lake City to celebrate the grand opening of BladeHQ's new

August 20, 2018

In the interest of honing our skills and testing some new outdoor gear, Jeff Randall, Patrick Rollins and Shane Adams spent the day bouncing a 185′ cl

April 29, 2018

The ESEE crew spent a week in North Carolina as assistant instructors for Haywood Community College's Wilderness Week.