Real World Training

The Randall’s Adventure & Training Hands-On Approach

The folks at Randall’s Adventure & Training / ESEE Knives know about challenges. Having spent the last 20 years training between the jungles of South America and remote environments stateside, they’ve built a whole gear and training business based on challenges.

Whether it’s surviving in a wilderness environment, rescuing a patient off of a cliff face, teaching advanced land navigation techniques, training search and rescue personnel in lightweight, remote concepts, or introducing a newcomer to the outdoors, Randall’s Adventure & Training (RAT) has built their training business by boots-on-the-ground experience.

The company’s Vice-President, Mike Perrin, describes the growth and changes that have occurred since the company's inception. "Our training is more diverse and targeted now, and the knife and gear offerings have greatly expanded since our beginnings in 1997. But even though we have evolved and grown, our company has remained true to its original mission: provide students a one-stop-shop for skills and tools needed to save lives, keep the price reasonable, and back everything with the best warranty and customer service in the industry.” 

Randall’s Adventure Training was in the survival training business long before the 'survival' craze hit the market. As Jeff explains, “Real survival can be extremely hard work, both mentally and physically, and rarely resembles the entertainment value shown on ‘survival’ TV. We distill our training and tools down to the ground truth of what works based on years of experience. When a survivor has a better understanding of the environment they’re thrust into, and what to do should things go sideways, then it greatly increases their odds of making it home to their family."

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2019 RAT Training Calendar:

All courses in light blue text are open enrollment with no prerequisites - sign up here. Remaining classes are for credentialed SAR members only. Please note that our popular open enrollment classes such as Bushcraft, Field Survival and Land Nav fill quickly. Sign up early to assure your spot.

  • Feburary 2 - Single Rope Practice (Pit Bounces), Tennessee
  • February 9-10 - SAR Initial Actions, Gallant, AL
  • February 23 - SAR Canine Training (Private Group), Gallant, AL
  • March 16-17 – NASAR SARTECH III, Gallant, AL
  • March 22-24 – Field Survival, Gallant, AL
  • March 30-31 – SAR Team Wilderness Survival (Southwestern Community College, Franklin, NC)
  • March 30-31 - Single Rope Rescue Training (Huntsville, AL)
  • April 16-18 - Wide Area Search Training (Gadsden, AL EMA)
  • April 19 - Intro To Survival, Gallant, AL
  • April 20-21 – Land Navigation, Gallant, AL
  • April 26-28 – Protective Operations, Gallant, AL
  • May 1-5 - NC Wilderness Week, Cruso, NC
  • May 18-19 – Advanced SRT / SPAR (Southwestern Community College, Franklin, NC)
  • May 27 - Weaver Point Training, Ft Payne, AL
  • June 22-23 – Cave Rescue, Huntsville, AL
  • June 27-30 – Idaho Bushcraft / ESEE Shop Tour, Idaho Falls, ID
  • July 17-21 - Wilderness First Responder (WFR), Gallant, AL
  • August 17 – Intro To Survival, Gallant, AL
  • August 18 – Intro To Tracking, Gallant, AL
  • August 24 - Training with MSAR
  • September 21-22 / 28-29 (two weekends)- RAT-SAR Technical Rope Rescue Training, Gallant, AL
  • October 5 - Valhalla Pit Bounce w/ NC SAR
  • October 8-9 - SRT / SPAR class for Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office SAR Team
  • October 11-13 – Advanced Bushcraft, Gallant, AL
  • October 25 - NC SAR Training Exercise
  • October 26-27 – Parent / Child Class, Gallant, AL
  • November 2-3 - Technical Rescue Training Exercise w/ NC SAR
  • November 4-7 - TCSD Training (Tuscaloosa)
  • November 9-10 / 16-17 (two weekends) – NASAR SARTECH II, Gallant, AL
  • December 21 - RAT-SAR Training, Gallant, AL