NASAR Training
March 18, 2019

The clouds finally parted in Alabama and we had excellent weather and a full house for this weekend’s ISAR (Intro to Search and Rescue) class at Randa

ESEE's first IWA show
March 15, 2019

By Patrick Rollins

RAT goes to Karamat Wilderness Ways
February 26, 2019

By Patrick Rollins

Patrick's Favorite Gear
February 15, 2019

A short video of Patrick explaining his essential gear while in the woods.

Going to the source
February 12, 2019

A journey to the Rowen facility is not an opportunity to pass up.  This is a family business in the truest of sense.  It is common to see dog toys and

Lost & Found
February 11, 2019

By Patrick Rollins

Black is the new black
February 8, 2019

By Patrick Rollins

February 4, 2019

After a week of the SHOT show and the constant droning white noise of an overcrowded Las Vegas, the ESEE team headed north to spend a few days relaxin

Wrat Wrench
February 4, 2019

If you missed this year’s SHOT show then you missed a new product that’s outside the norm for ESEE: the Wrat Wrench.

It's the journey, not the product
January 14, 2019

With our own prototyping shop and tensile test facility, we’ve started down the R&D road of lighter, stronger, and more compact equipment for lightweight mountain re