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The RAT locking carabiner is a basic connector that's used by the RAT team for recreational climbing, caving and canyoneering, as well as lightweight rescue work. They have been tested in accordance with EN 12275:98. Please read the ADDITIONAL INFO tab or download the technical notice before purchasing or using.



This connector (AF-818 carabiner) is personal protective equipment (PPE) used for recreational climbing, caving, canyoneering and rappelling, EN 12275:1998 class B (basic). This product should not be used for any purpose other than that for which it is designed. If this connector is used for other purposes than for which it is designed, it must be removed from service for use as a life safety connector.


Activities that require the use of this equipment are inherently dangerous. You are responsible for your own actions as well as understanding the proper use and application of this equipment.

Before using the equipment, you should understand all instructions for use and receive proper training. Failure to heed these warning may result in severe injury or death. If you do not understand how to use this equipment, or if you have not been properly trained, DO NOT use this equipment.


Inspect the equipment before each use. Verify that the frame, gate, rivet holding the gate, and locking sleeve are free of any cracks, corrosion or deformation. Verify that the gate works freely and engages properly into the keyhole. Verify that the locking sleeve can be screwed to the closed and opened positions without interference.


Verify the connector is always loaded on the major axis. Do not side load. Verify the locking sleeve is locked (screwed closed so gate will not open). Avoid any contact that would cause damage to the gate, or unscrew the locking sleeve. Verify the connector is compatible with any device it is connected to. Do not triaxial load or minor axis load the connector – load the major axis only. This connector must be used with the gate closed and the sleeve locked. If you do not understand any of these instructions, DO NOT USE the connector. 


If this connector receives a hard shock load in a static system, or any load greater than normal use, it should be removed from service. If this connector is dropped on to a hard surface, it should be fully inspected, then removed from service if there is any doubt on whether it was damaged. If this connector is used for any non-PPE use (such as towing a vehicle), it must be removed from service as life safety PPE.


After every use the connector should be inspected and cleaned before being stored. Clean with warm water and a mild brush, allow to dry and store in a dry location away from harsh chemicals or moisture.


If you require more information about this connector, contact Randall’s Adventure & Training.

Taxonomy term

  • Screw Gate
  • 24 kN Major Axis, Closed Gate
  • 8 kN Major Axis, Open Gate
  • 8 kN Minor Axis
  • Gate Opening: 16mm
  • Weight: 1.6 Ounces
  • Tested in accordance with EN 12275: 1998
  • Made in Taiwan

CARABINER-AF-818 (RAT Locking Carabiner, Anodized Gold)


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RAT TRAINING JACKETWARNING! This product can expose you to chemicals including Sulfur, Nickel, Chromium, Vanadium and Lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Sulfur, Nickel, Chromium, Lead and Iodine, which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to All Black Oxide finished knives have a copper / selenium cold process. Read more about these and other warnings here: Notices and Warnings.