New For 2020

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Author: Admin | Posted: December 23, 2019


S35VN and 3D scales mark major additions to the ESEE Knives for 2020.  The ESEE fan base has spoken and we have taken the classic ESEE-3 and added 3D contoured scales and attached them to a S35VN steel blade.  Along with the ESEE-3, we are also adding a new design in S35VN, the Xancudo fixed blade.  Based on our popular folder design, the Xancudo fixed blade will feature a three-inch blade built from 1/8” S35VN steel and will come in two scale options; one with a hole through the scales to secure with a carabiner, and the other with full solid handle scales.  Scales will be offered separately. 

We are also rolling out new models of the ESEE-3, ESEE-4, ESEE-5, and ESEE-6 with newly designed 3D contoured scales that not only provide a new look for your favorite ESEE models, but a new feel as well.  3D scales will be in G10 and Micarta. With thirty new models in the ESEE Knives lineup you are sure to find something that you like in 2020. These are expected to start shipping in January 2020. 

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