ESEE-5S w/ OD Blade

Designed by military SERE instructors as a hard-use downed pilot’s survival knife.


  • Overall Length: 11.0″
  • Blade Length: 5.25″
  • Thickness: .25″
  • Steel: 1095 Carbon, 55-57 Rc
  • Finish: Textured Powder Coat
  • Blade Width: 1.56″
  • Grind: Saber
  • Weight (Knife Only): 16 Ounces
  • Handles: Canvas Micarta
  • Black Kydex Sheath w/ Clip Plate
  • Thumb Jimping On Spine
  • Glass Breaker Pommel
  • Bow Drill Divot In Handle


ESEE-5P (Black Blade, Plain Edge)
ESEE-5S (Black Blade, Partially Serrated)
ESEE-5P-OD (OD Blade, Plain Edge)
ESEE-5S-OD (OD Blade, Partially Serrated)

ESEE-5P-KO (Black Blade, Plain Edge, Knife Only – No Sheath)
ESEE-5S-KP (Black Blade, Partially Serrated, Knife Only – No Sheath)
ESEE-5P-KO-OD (OD Blade, Plain Edge, Knife Only – No Sheath)
ESEE-5S-KO-OD (OD Blade, Partially Serrated, Knife Only – No Sheath)

ESEE-5P-VG (Venom Green Blade, Plain Edge)

Optional MOLLE Backs & Pouches:

ESEE-52-MB (Black Cordura MOLLE Back)
ESEE-52-MB-OD (OD Cordura MOLLE Back)
ESEE-52-MB-K (Khaki Cordura MOLLE Back)
ESEE-52-POUCH (Black Accessory Pouch)
ESEE-52-POUCH-OD (OD Accessory Pouch)
ESEE-52-POUCH-K (Khaki Accessory Pouch)

Assembled Sheath Systems:

ESEE-5-MBSP-B (Black Kydex Sheath, Black MOLLE Back, Black Pouch)
ESEE-5-MBSP-OD (Black Kydex Sheath, OD MOLLE Back, OD Pouch)

Optional Sheaths / Components:

ESEE-22-SS (Black Kydex Sheath & Clip Plate)
ESEE-CLIP-PLATE (Clip Plate For Molded Sheaths)

MSRP: From $188.00  (Note: ESEE Knives may be bought through dealers and online retailers. Please use the dealer locator to find the best price and stock on ESEE Knives)

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