Protective Ops

Our Protective Ops class saw beautiful weather, lots of fun, and quite a bit of spent brass lying on the range when we were done.  Students of varying abilities showed up on Friday morning to what turned out to be one of the best Protective Ops classes we’ve ever had.  This class focuses heavily on learning how to remove yourself and a non-combative loved one from an active shooter situation while also touching on trauma, gun shot treatment, and tourniquet application.  

During the progression of this course we saw all students achieve significant improvements in  tactics, malfunction drills, and overall shooting.  All of these aspects were put to the test in a very involved final scenario that we will keep under wraps for now.  It’s safe to say that all students walked away with a greater understanding of how stress affects your shooting and decision-making ability, and they also learned a tremendous amount about the gear they carry and use on a daily basis.  This was an outstanding class that was always eager to learn and, above all, committed to safe practices on and off the range. They left with a greater level of preparedness should that bad day ever land at their feet.