A little R&R

The ESEE crew has been going almost non-stop for the last month and a half. We decided to float a section of the Conasauga River in North GA for an easy day trip and let the river current do most of the work.  Jeff and Wendy came up and met Patrick and Shane (and Izzy, Shane's Lab) and after setting shuttle we launched just below the HWY 2 Bridge that boarders Whitfield and Murray Co. With all the recent rain the river was flowing at a reasonable rate, albeit far from the flood water levels the brush piles in the trees indicating some VERY high levels....We spotted geese, wood ducks, turtles, herons, and a gar as long as a mans arm. No fishing was done as Izzy just would not allow it...she chases anything that hits the water's surface. In fact, she swam as much as she rode in the canoe. We did nearly 8 river miles at a leisurely 4hr pace. We will be off this weekend and then back at it next week as Shane and Patrick head to Overland West in Flagstaff, kicking off another very busy block of classes, shows, and trips! Stay tuned for more from the ESEE/RAT crew!