Lifetime Warranty

At ESEE knives we are proud to be one of the few companies left in the world with a 100% unlimited lifetime warranty.  If you buy one of our knives and manage to break it, we will replace it.  No need to register the knife or keep up with the receipt.  Over the years we have seen all sorts of used and abused knives returned for warranty replacement, from knives intentionally shot with various calibers to knives that were burned up in house fires.  Many of these warranty issues were due to user error such as a chipped edge from hitting a rock, but some were actually straight up abuse, such as being cut in half with a cutting torch or put in a vise and intentionally snapped.  No matter how they got broke, all of the knives were replaced under warranty.

Recently, ESEE had an idea to make metal signs to display some of the knives we have replaced over the years. So, this weekend the ESEE crew got together at the farm and went to work in the ESEE prototype shop fabricating signs that will go to various dealers for display in their stores. We will also be giving away one of the signs to a lucky winner at the upcoming Blade show. So, if you're going to be attending the show in Atlanta, be sure to  come by our booth and pick up a free ticket for a chance to win a piece of history.