The Randall’s Adventure & Training Advanced Bushcraft class has always been one of our most popular courses and despite Covid restrictions and inclement weather this one did not disappoint.  The term “Bushcraft” simply means wilderness skills and covers a wide variety of subjects drawing from primitive skills and the daily life of indigenous cultures from around the world.  Students learn to use natural materials to build shelters, containers, tools, traps, and leave with increased confidence in their ability to thrive in nature.

There is no classroom portion of our Advanced Bushcraft class; students are outside from the start to finish developing new skills throughout the 3-day weekend.  Participants from as far away as Texas and Missouri braved the bad weather to attend class located at our home training facility in Gallant Alabama.  The rain and humidity didn’t dampen their spirits, although it did make friction fire a little more difficult.  Co-instructor James Gibson and I always love the smile and feeling of accomplishment when a new student blows a coal into a flame for the first time and most students in class were able to get fire in spite of Mother Nature’s best to prevent it.  I always tell students that if it doesn’t teach you anything else, learning to make fire from friction at least teaches you the importance of fire preparation and to carry carry several sources of ignition.  Likewise, learning to make cordage from natural fibers by hand will have you wanting to always carry paracord or bank line when heading into the woods.

The late Steve Watts probably said it best concerning primitive skills when he said “Without context, it’s all just arts and crafts”.  The same could be said for many of the topics in the class and having the knowledge to get by with less can be empowering, and helps you appreciate the conveniences we do have such as lighters, water containers, and string.

For more information on the Advanced Bushcraft class, or any of our other training courses visit: https://www.randallsadventure.com/training-courses/advanced-bushcraft