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    Great news everyone! A company here in Hickory, NC has manufactured the first batch of 5col Survival Supply Mini Duct Tape rolls, and these are now available for purchase on our site.

    This is a contractor-grade duct tape, available in Dark Green or Orange, in 1 in. x 100 in. rolls OR 2 in. x 100 in. rolls. Most of the "survival duct tape" out there comes on 50 in. rolls that are either coreless or have a super-thin plastic rod as their core. We wanted to improve on that, so we offer twice the tape with a usable core, and in non-silver colors like Green and Orange.

    Our tape is manufactured in the US and conforms to ASTM D-4236, if you're into technical specifications.

    A 2-pack of the 1 inch rolls costs $8.49 with free shipping: https://5col.com/products/mini-duct-tape-1-in-x-100-in-5col-survival-supply
    And the 2-pack of 2 inch wide rolls costs $9.99 with free shipping: https://5col.com/products/mini-duct-tape-2-in-x-100-in-2-pack-5col-survival-supply

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