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    I bought a pair of Salomon Eskape GTX hiking shoes last year. They quickly turned into my new favorite "everyday" shoes.

    The GoreTex keeps my feet dry in the wet PNW climate, they are rugged and stable enough for off trail hiking, the (ContaGrip) sole provides excellent grip on any terrain/condition, and they are wide and comfortable enough for extended hikes or everyday wear.

    Last week, one of the nylon lace straps ripped (the top one), so they no longer lace up all the way on one side. Salomon offers a 2 year warranty on their shoes so I decided to see if that was covered, since these shoes were less than a year old.

    I went on their website and submitted a warranty claim. I had to provide a picture of the broken lace strap, and a sales receipt from the original purchase. I had paid $47 for them last year, during a crazy sale at

    Two days after submitting the Claim (11/24), I received an email asking for addtl. pictures of the sole and the inner tongue tag. I sent the addtl. pictures and received a confirmation that they were received, and the warranty claim would be reviewed. If approved, I would receive a online code voucher for the original purchase price valid towards any comparable shoe on

    Today, I received an email saying the warranty replacement was approved, and I was issued a $120 online code to use towards any shoe on their website! This was way more than the original purchase price I paid, but was told they base it off the MSRP for that (now discontinued) model. SCORE!!! :D

    I ordered a pair of X Ultra Mid 2 GTX hikers, and only had to pay the difference of $4.88! FREE shipping included.

    Even though the nylon strap broke, I'm very pleased that Salomon covered it under warranty, and then some! I will definitely continue to buy their shoes and I hope these new ones last a bit longer, plus they have much better (metal) lace eyelets.

    I also ordered another pair (Evasion CS WP) from EMS during their sale and got them for $60, plus a $10 off code!

    Long story short, Salomon makes great shoes and their warranty process wasn't a pain in the ass. Plus, if you wait until this time of year, you can get crazy good deals on them. Definitely recommended.

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    Best thing about Salomon footwear is their customer service. I wear the forces mids for work. The first pair I got had a minor defect. I contacted customer service. They sent me a new pair without much on my end. I think I had to send a photo of what was wrong. Got the new boots in about 1 week and when I asked if I needed to return the defective pair to them... they said donate them. Awesome company. I’ve had the replacement pair for 2 years. Going strong.
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