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Discussion in 'Counterfeits and Fakes' started by JollyRoger523, Jul 22, 2017.

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    I have a couple of Streamlight Microstream flashlights and have bought several more as Christmas gifts in the past. I've ordered them all from Amazon because they're cheap enough to add on to another order. Up until today I've never had a problem with any. I recently ordered another one and it was received today. It came in a plain white box (I know some products now ship like this) when all the previous ones came in clamshell packaging. The label on the box stated it was the correct item, but as soon as it was opened it was obviously a cheap knockoff. I can't even call it a counterfeit because it only vaguely resembles the Microstream. It is visually different and there is no name markings on it. The quality is on par with something you'd expect to see for $1.99 at a gas station counter. I believe the item was sold by Amazon and not a third party dealer.

    Amazon is refunding me. This thread is not to rip on Amazon (I know the problems with counterfeits) but rather to serve as a heads up that there are now cheap knockoffs being sold as Microstreams.

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