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    hey guys
    Want to make this thread for all of us knifemakers can share our tips and tricks to any new guys that want to start
    Can be comprehensive tutorials or simple small things that we all figured out with trial and error
    Pics and WIP are welcome

    Il start with the basics

    1. dont overuse used abrasives- using fresh belts and sandpaper will save you enough time for the extra money to be worth it
    2. Back your sandpaper with ducktape to help it last longer
    3. If you want the best way to getting a high grit belt finish use scotchbrite belts. Well worth the money.
    thats all i have today
    now lets hear it!
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    I'll second "don't overuse your abrasives". This can be applied to any type of abrasive for any kind of use. (Think sandpaper for woodworking.) Keep your abrasives fresh. If the abrasive is a diamond stone then keep it clean. The old water stones and oil stones used the liquid to remove shavings and keep your surface clean and refreshed. Same principle. Secondly, from an efficiency standpoint you are adding unnecessary labor to the process. Not worth the money if time is critical to success i.e. running a for profit business.

    I'm not a knifemaker but I am a sharpener and woodworker and these concepts are universal.

    Great thread TE. I'm looking forward to reading more.

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