CGA Long Gun Series

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    CGA Long Gun Series

    February 9th Individual
    March 9th Individual
    April 13th Individual
    May 25th Team
    June 15th Individual
    July 13th Individual
    August 17th Team
    September 14th Individual
    October 12th Individual
    November 16th Team
    December 14th Individual

    The CGA Long Gun Series matches will be held at Creekside Firing Range in Taylorsville, GA. The matches will be ran by the guys from CGA/ Creekside Guns and Ammo which is a sister company of the range.

    CGA will be the sponsor of the series and the matches. CGA will be giving away prizes ranging from: new rifles, cerakote work, Re-barreling, bedding jobs, suppressors and much more. CGA will also have other known companies sponsoring the matches. The sponsors will be listed on the website and Facebook page.

    Series and Match Description:

    Competitors will not have to shoot the entire series to shoot just one match. Competitors can compete in just one or every match in the series.

    There will be 8 individual matches and 3 team matches. After the last match we will have a shoot off for the grand prize of the series and series champion. We will take the top 5 from the individual matches and we will take both team members from the top 3 teams.

    At the last match we will also be awarding prizes to the top 10 competitors from the individual matches and the top 4 teams from the team matches. Those individuals will be the competitors with the combined total highest percentages from 5 matches.
    The teams will be the 3 teams that have the highest combined total percentage from the 3 matches. Competitors will be able to choose from the individual and team standings and shoot twice in the shoot off.

    Rules are very simple:

    *Safety is our priority.
    *Having fun is the second priority.
    *No tripods are allowed in the matches.
    *Bullet restrictions are no larger than a 30-caliber bullet with a max speed of 3200 fps.
    * No disrespect to the ROs or other competitors will be tolerated.
    *Be on time for check in and briefing or forfeit your spot.

    The matches will be ran with the competitor in mind and its all about having fun. You will be shooting from the prone, various barricades, and alternate positions. There will be some movement in the stages but nothing that any competitor cannot do.

    These matches welcome anyone from the experienced competitor to the first time competitor. Do not feel like you do not have enough experience to shoot these matches. If it is your first time or just new to the sport, find Joe or Robert at check in and they will help you through out the day. If they can’t help you at the moment they will point you to someone that can. We will have plenty of helpful competitors shooting these matches.

    Registration and sign in:

    We will be using Practiscore for registration of the matches. The entry fee will be $50 for each match. There is no additional fee for the series.

    Sign in will be from 8:30-9:15 am each day of the match. Briefing is at 9:30 am.

    If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

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