Battle of the Midweight Choppers- Junglas 2 vs

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    Hey guys, I haven't been real active on here simply because I am working a seasonal job, and I am not adventuring as much as I want to.


    As has been long awaited, I am finally going to be bringing the Junglas 2 to the table of destruction head to head with the Becker Bk9 and the ShadowTech Python.

    If you aren't familiar, at the table of destruction, I chop through an equal length 2x4 that is equally clamped with each knife 5 times (with 5 2x4's per knife). I then remove the highest and lowest number of chops for each knife, and average the remaining 3 rounds.

    This is what I essentially base chopping performance on when comparing similar blades. It isn't perfect, but it provides a good baseline for comparison, and I have never seen anybody do anything better... because trying to control variables when chopping with multiple knives is HARD- and inventing precision machines for the soul purpose of chopping comparisons is a stupid concept ;-)

    Anyways, here is the intro to the series. I hope to do the actual chopping in the next couple of weeks, and then I will do a third video wrapping it all up, talking about each blade for fine work and overall value and bang for buck, etc.

    Im sure some people here will enjoy the series, and an equal number will hate it. I guess that's half the fun.

    How do you guys think this will turn out!

    Btw, this kind of testing, and the reaction to it is why I no longer frequent bladeforums. I know this can get emotional bbuutt surely we can all enjoy ourselves whether we like or hate the testing lol

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