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    Just a reminder or an fyi for those that have never thought about it: set your vehicle's door locks so that you have control of when and if they unlock.

    Many cars over the last decade or so give you options on when your doors unlock and lock. From the factory they are rarely set as to provide the most control over access.

    My rule of thumb is that I won't leave the rental agency/dealership/wherever without first adjusting the locks so that they lock when the vehicle is shifted out of park and ONLY unlock individual doors when that door is opened from the inside or the unlock button is pressed by the driver.

    Also, those with push button starts and the car sensing fob make sure that if it unlocks doors when you walk up it either 1. Only unlocks the door you're accessing or 2. Doesn't automatically do any of them, which is better.

    I preach this to friends all the time and still hear from some of them that some stranger opened a door on their car without warning.

    The latest was today when a friend stopped to get gas. When she put the car in park all doors unlocked. Some sketchy dude opened the passenger side door. Fortunately she had the good sense to just drive off to a safe distance, close that door and call 911, but it could have gone much differently. Especially with her kids in the back seat.

    I hate getting the "ok, now I understand" text from smart people who should have understood way before now, but it's better than some alternative messages I fear getting.

    Control your car locks just like you control your home door locks. If you don't know how to set your locks just search online. It's usually easy to find.
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    Here and there...
    I would add to this..

    Sometimes you to leave you car running (the cold or heat etc.)
    Learn how to lock your car from the outside in these situations..It sounds simple.
    BUT with a keyed ignition what would you do?
    A little Easier with the push start ignition. But do you know if there is a Key in the fob?
    Will it lock with the push to open button on the door?
    Will it allow you to lock / unlock from your key fob while running?
    Will it even allow you to lock from outside while running?
    When you use the key to open a vehicle with a push button how does the door locks react?

    Just some thought :)
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    Good advice here. I've also heard stories from people that I know about randoms opening a door (it's almost always at a gas station).

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