A pair of handmade knives

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    I still have not been able to get much real time in with these knives. Being bored and without much to do I attempted a feather stick on some scrap pine lumber in my basement. I don't have a lot of experience making good feather sticks so I figured this would be dual practice. I was able to figure out a good angle with a little practice, but had a hard time from keeping long curls on the wood. Most wanted to jump off in short curls.

    The knife was comfortable in use. I think a slightly smaller edge angle would be ideal. I left it a little heavy, figuring it would be much easier to reduce the edge angle than the other way around. I'll have to get a little more use and then take care of that at the next sharpening.

    Overall I was pleased with how it performed. I also took the feather stick and shavings out to the driveway. I just couldn't get them to light from a Ferro rod. They would scorch but not stay lit. A quick touch from a lighter flame and they were on fire.


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