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    OK, guys a little different post. I had some watch tools in a pic in another thread and was asked about them so here goes. I guess I'm just cheap in ways, hate paying a jeweler to change bands, add or remove links, replace batteries, lube o-rings, or pretty much anything else. I am a do-it-yourselfer by nature, a lot of us old coots are. My Father & Grandfather could repair most anything usually better than a "professional" and I have a little of that in me I guess. They kinda rubbed off and I am now that older generation as they are both long gone. I just buy tools and fix stuff myself just like my predecessors on Planet Earth in the Mc family.

    So on to the watch tools, I'll give specs and websites purchased where I can remember, prices if available, and my thoughts on quality. Look for the key word guys and gals, VERDICT!!!!!!

    First up:

    Ohuhu 19-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit Case
    Purchased from Amazon for $21.99
    Made in China
    The case is OK quality, the tools are just OK quality but I'm finding them plenty adequate to get the job done for bands and band links so far, that's all I've tried, recent purchase just to try it out because it looked pretty all inclusive. I do absolutely love that in it is a massive supply of virtually all size spring bars. DING DING DING, worth the price of admittance right there.


    From Amazon on what's included & specs:

    -Material: Plastic, aluminum alloy, copper, glass
    -Weight: 1.34lbs
    -Dimension: 230 x 180 x 50mm (9.0 x 7.0 x 2.0inch)

    Package Includes:
    -6 x Precision screwdrivers
    -1 x Hammer
    -1 x Metal head (for hammer)
    -1 x Plastic head
    -1 x Box of 360 piece spring bars
    -1 x Tweezer
    -3 x Loupes
    -1 x Watch block
    -1 x Watch band link remover
    -2 x Watch back openers
    -1 x Adjustable watch case opener
    Pics of what's in the box:





    Obecome Adjustable Watch Band & Bracelet Repair Link Pin Remover Tool Kit Set

    Purchased from Amazon for $7.99
    All metal Made in China
    There are 2 keys to this product, #1 it's quality made of an alloy & stainless, & #2 there are extra link push pins provided. I have bought lesser quality link removal tools, blue plastic without extra pins. You will need extra pins, they will break on you as they are small so this is key. GREAT PRODUCT EVEN IF MADE OVERSEAS.

    VERDICT: I'd buy it again in a heartbeat!!!!!!!

    Specs from Amazon:
    • All-metal watch band link remover
    • Size your watch band yourself with this small, simple tool
    • Also works well with bracelets
    • Package Contents: 1 x watch band link remover, 3 x pins




    LG from Euro Tool Waterproof Watch Case Wrench CWR 600.00
    I bought this years ago from the old Luminous Watch site that repaired and sold parts for Luminox Watches. It is professional grade and outstanding at removing screw in case backs!!!!!


    There's one on eBay right now for $79.95 and that's about what I paid for it 15 years ago.

    VERDICT: OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL GRADE TOOL, Winner Winner Pants on Fire, if you can afford it Buy one!!!!!!!!



    No idea how to get this spring removal tool, no name I can see on it, but it is outstanding much better than the one in the kit, you ever see it buy it, again Professional Grade Tool. Bought on the old now gone Luminous Watch Repair site.



    Grab an old mousepad to do your watch work on, they are great for that, usually free as everyone has them lying around the house as few people use them anymore, and your watch will thank you for it. That's five and #6, go to your local ACE Hardware or order from Amazon a tube of "Super Lube Synthetic Grease". Use this liberally on watch case back o-rings and your cheap or high dollar light o-rings to maintain their waterproof capabilities. Cost around $5.56 for a large tube at Amazon or $9.59 at ACE.

    VERDICT: THIS GREASE IS GREAT FOR A MULTITUDE OF THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Another winner winner pants on fire deal and an absolute necessity!!!!!!


    Hope this helps some people out and as always thanks for reading another GaryMc review. It's been a looooooong day by the way. Sincerely, Gary
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    Thanks for the great review. I could get used to this. Request a review and submit to Gary. Maybe I'll work on my list this weekend and get it to you in a few days. :D On a serious note the links are always a great help.

    I've been looking at these cheap ass Chinese watch tools for a long time and just couldn't bring myself to buy one. When I don't have tools I go the MacGyver route and become the world's greatest improviser. For instance my spring removal tool is actually a small SAK classic. I guess it's time to step up my game. The stupid thing is I'm the neighborhood tinkerer so I'm always the go to guy for everyone's watch band when they want to pull or adjust a link.
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    @JAD You are welcome Sir!!!!! I'd recommend starting with the Chinese kit and add the metal link removal tool if you do much of that. They are adequate enough on their own. If you replace a lot of waterproof watch case batteries, I'd buy the Waterproof Watch Case Wrench, it'll help keep from scratching the back of cases, if you don't you don't really need it, the one in the kit is OK, it's about what they use at my local Wally World. If this only helped one person, well worth the time. I'm the tinkerer/go to guy for my family and friends so know that feeling well. Take care brother!!!!!!

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