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    I know that most of what we post pictures of around here are considered tools, but I'm talking about tools for fixing/repairing stuff. What tools do you carry with you, whether its edc or vehicle?

    I carry a handful of basic tools in my vehicles...hammer, a few screwdrivers, needlenose pliers,channel locks and a pair of plumbers pliers. Aside from that I carry a small amount of tools in my edc bag that goes with me every where but stays in the car.

    This is my main tool kit. If I am carrying a sling style edc bag on my person then I'll take this out of my vehicle bag and bring it.

    -Maxpedition 3x5 Notebook cover pouch
    Permanent Marker
    Streamlight Stylus Pro (2AAA)
    Stylus pen
    Parker Jotter pen w/ Fisher refill
    SAK Huntsman (I carry this for the tweezers lol...I want a Fieldmaster)
    Leatherman Wave w/ pocket clip
    Leatherman bit kit
    ESEE Ferro Rod (standard fire kit)
    Rite-in-the-Rain (generic) notebook
    Fresnel lens in pouch (w/spare Drivers License)


    This is my other tool kit. Its kind of a catch all. As you can see there are a lot of redundancies but certain tools work better for certain applications and im a sucker for gadgets lol.
    Black pouch (it came with a blood sugar testing kit my wife got when she was pregnant 10 yrs ago.
    Bit driver with 9 bits (Chinese garbage)
    Leatherman Piranha pry bar (which just got moved to the above kit after I took this pic)
    Some gadgety screwdriver snowflake tool
    Smith retractable tapered diamond honing rod (/with hook groove)
    Kershaw Torx Tool...missing torx bits... I'm sad. It was a much better tool than the one above...I really need a good torx set.
    Bullet pencil
    Wd40 pen
    Section of inner tube for ranger bands
    A couple NiteIze gear ties
    (Not pictured is a couple sail needles, a small assortment of zip ties (that got used the other day and i forgot to replenish) and a roll of duct tape thats in my edc bag.

    Feel free to make suggestions.
    Lets see yours!
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    Generally I find myself with 1 of these two combinations daily.

    I have a decent little kit that I keep in my desk at work. I'll have to take a picture on monday. That one includes several measuring tools, a set of knipex cobras, and a 1/4" bit driver kit with hex, allen, and screwdriver heads. I used to carry a big tool bag in my car, but after downsizing the vehicle I don't have the space for it. I do still need to get myself some essentials in there.
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    North Dakota
    I carry my leatherman Surge most of the time.

    In my edc bag I’ll have either my worksharp field sharpener or a diamond sharpener plate from DMT.

    My truck has a larger selection of stuff. A couple hundred piece craftsmen tool set, selection of pliers, couple hammers, punches, screwdrivers, etc. Also keep a box of consumables; fuses, zip ties, Rebar tie bar wire, duct tape. Vehicle specific tools; bow saw, season appropriate shovels, tow ropes, shackles, hi lift with its extras, hatchet, machete and a folding saw.

    I’m more minimalist when it comes to my on body EDC. Not much use in carrying more then the Surge when I have access to a machine shop.
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