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    IMG_1347.JPG So this thread is one a quick self indulgent self pat on the back. I had spent several years working up to some longer range stuff then sold it all off when I had kids.

    Recently got back into it and finally found a range near buy about 45 min that goes out to 1100 yards.

    To get membership you have to shoot for the owner. So this morning after being laid up in bed for the past two days with the Norovirus I got out to shoot my "tryout". Shooting prone on the line cold bore at 475. Then 675 and 825. It was cool out about 40* and a solid full value 9-10mph wind. Went three for three all first round hits. Then my next was at 1000 first round hit.

    Man hadn't slept for **** in two days and hadn't ate in two days I was thinking if I could do that I could do anything. Well then the wind started switching all over and I had three misses Donny run was up but it was still a hell of a day and I got my membership to the shooting club.

    So more than anything I just wanted to put this out there for the guys who week after week sit at that same 100yards bench drilling paper and encourage them to get out and push them selves to shoot longer. Even if your area of hunting is normally inside 150 or 100 yds. Knowing you can hit 6" steel at 400 or 500 yds consistently will make you better. Old adage aim small miss small.

    And you don't need a lot of fancy. I'm shooting a stock tikka t3 in 6.5x55se. It's had a lot of cosmetic alterations but stock, action barrel and trigger are stock except the barrel was chopped so short the round is way neutered and only putting out 2475 fps. I run Ballistic AE on my iPhone for atmospherics and ballistics. And a $30 weather flow wind meter that plugs into my iPhone.

    So as spring approaches just get out and push longer then you have in the past
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