Pre-order the new C.R. 2.5 with the Orange G10 handle!

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    Hey Everyone!

    Incase you missed it, Esee released the new C.R. 2.5 with an orange G10 handle. From my perspective this is an ideal knife for field dressing most game. The small blade is long enough to do most task's yet small enough to not risk gutting any internal organs and spoiling any meat. I may differ from other's who prefer dark or Camo handles on their hunting knives, in that, i prefer hunting knives with either orange or yellow handles because when i was 16 i bought a camo handled Gerber fixed blade and right after i made my first incision on a really nice 8 point i had just shot, i sat it down on the forest floor, and it was never seen again! lol! The camo blended in with the leaves and i spent an hour in vain looking for it and ended up using my pocket knife instead.

    SMKW has these available for preorder now and below is the link.

    Stay Sharp,
    Tyler Pipes

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