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    I’m writing this from two points of view. The first, that I needed a new, lightweight, insulated layer to wear under other jackets during range activities. (I’m a full-time, LE firearms instructor.) The second, from that of a casual, athletic and general purpose jacket that it was advertised as being.

    For the past couple of winters, I’ve been wearing a 20 year old, black, commercially made field jacket liner underneath my range red, Mountain Hardwear soft shell jacket. I wear it around the office and under other jackets when actually on the range instructing. By now, it’s pretty well worn thin and I don’t really know if it actually even insulates any longer. A few weeks ago, I noticed that it’s starting to come apart and began shopping for something new. I looked at other, .mil field jacket liners but really wanted something a bit nicer and maybe more professional. I previously had a Patagonia Nano Puff jacket in black, but I haven’t seen it since my son went to college a year and a half ago.

    I checked out the closeouts section at and found this jacket for $30 and couldn’t click fast enough to put it into my cart. I ordered one in black/large. I’m 5’10”-ish, 185lbs and reasonably fit.


    A couple days after I placed the order, I also ordered an XL in somewhat of a panic buy after reading some reviews of regular sizes being a little small. The large arrived and when worn over a long-sleeve base layer and an instructor polo shirt, my standard “uniform,” the jacket fits fine with room to spare. I can easily zip it over my Glock 43 and an extra mag, both worn OWB. Most importantly though, is that I can wear it under the other jackets without it being too restrictive. It’s a much more substantial jacket than the field jacket liner, so there will be some adjustment on my part as I get used to it.

    Approximate measurements. From pit to pit 22". Pit to hem 18". Top of collar to hem 31". Pit to cuff 22".


    The overall fit of the jacket is for me, slightly on the athletic or lean side, which works just fine for it’s intended, primary purpose. For wear as a range jacket and mid-insulated layer, I will get more than my money’s worth from it. I’ve also worn it casually, which I’ll address later and while snowshoeing a few miles underneath an Arc’teryx Gamma LT Hoodie. The jacket insulated well, moved with me and vented well. I will probably use this jacket in that role and other outdoor, hard use roles again.

    It has just two, zippered hand pockets which are more than enough for keys, markers or a role of tape. The jacket does not have any closures at the cuffs or any toggles to cinch the bottom. The sleeves have a slight taper from the elbows to the cuffs, so they don’t really need any additional closures. I don’t need to cinch the bottom and I’ve noticed that on other jackets that do have this, they tend to get caught up with my guns. The jacket is water and wind repellant and a nylon/spandex mix which makes the jacket nice and stretchy.

    At $30 it was a no-brainer, screaming deal. The XL arrived a couple days ago and was too big for me through the body but was better in the chest and shoulders. If I had bought this as a casual jacket instead of primarily as a range, hard use jacket, I may have considered the XL. Not sure yet if I’m going to return the XL or find another home for it.

    Price range: $30 at LAPG to $180 on Amazon depending on size and color.


    The below info is taken from various retail sites and internet reviews.

    If there were one word to describe the Magpul Light Insulated jacket, it would be "versatile." Clean lines and subtle branding ensure you don't look like you're climbing Mt. Everest when you're headed into the city on a cold day, but the performance for active outdoor pursuits is there. A durable DWR-treated double weave stretch nylon outer fights off wind and precipitation, and the 60-gram Primaloft Gold Active insulation holds heat in while maintaining the breathability required for long, cold days in the mountains.


    · Zippered hand pockets.

    · Weather-shedding face fabric with synthetic insulation providing warmth.

    · Stateside articulation for unrestricted forward reach.

    · Materials: Everest Nylon / Spandex Double Weave with Primaloft Gold Active 60gsm Synthetic Insulation.

    “A lightweight insulated jacket constructed with breathable, synthetic hydrophobic insulation and a windproof face fabric that can withstand hardwearing use, the new Magpul Light Insulated Jacket, $180, is built to work as a standalone jacket or the perfect layer under an outer shell. Capable of moving moisture during high output activities, this jacket sheds weather and provides unmatched wind resistance. Featuring zippered hand pockets for storage, the built-in articulation allows for unrestricted forward reach making it functional for shooting, hiking and virtually any outdoor pursuits.”


    For casual and general purpose use, the jacket does well. Not great, but Ok. The large is roomy enough for me to wear a t-shirt with a fleece sweatshirt over it. I’ve worn it with thicker fleece pullovers and full-zip, sports-team hoodies equally well. With a hoodie, I couldn’t fully zip the jacket to the top.

    With thicker sweatshirts, the jacket started to get tight around the waist which makes my Glock 43 print through more noticeably. It’s noticeable to me, but I’m not sure the general public would even notice, especially after unzipping the jacket once inside. The jacket is nice enough and plain enough looking to wear out walking the dog, to a kids soccer game and when your significant other tricks you into going with her to the fabric store with a promise of “snacks.” Don’t fall for that one.

    On my black jacket, the Magpul logo is a nice gray and measures about 1.75 inches in diameter on the left chest. It’s noticeable, but not anything to be concerned with. The jacket fully covers my gun and the sleeves are long enough to not ride up. My other, lightweight puffy jacket is something similar from Outdoor Research. It’s a few years old and is a nice, outdoorsy, light gray and orange. That jacket, even though intended for hard, outdoor use, is fully featured and I think was in the same retail price range as this one from Magpul. Where the Magpul falls short, is in its near total lack of features. As the range jacket no big deal. As a useful, out and about jacket it falls well short.

    There is no hang loop. No sleeve cinches, no hem toggle and maybe worst of all, no third pocket. The lack of an extra pocket is a tough one to get past. I’m struggling to put my wallet, badge wallet, keys and phone into just two, hand sized pockets. I can get over the lack of cuff cinches and hem toggle, but at full ask, retail there’s no excuse to have not added either an inside or outside pocket at the chest. Because I do plan to wear this out and about in addition to at the range, I’m sorting out some options to have a pocket sewn into the interior chest. I added some utility cord to the pocket zipper pulls to make them easier to use. There is already a pull on the main zipper.

    At $30 a crazy, unbelievable deal. At or near full retail, go find another brand made by a known outdoor clothing company.
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