Customized Rinaldi Axe

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    Well this is quite a handy little chopper.


    I don't normally split firewood with an axe. Instead I will baton using my 6 or an Junglas. For one thing I am buying firewood which has mostly been quartered. I split it further for making small fires and kindling. But I went ahead and did some splitting of wood. I tried splitting two different ways, log on end and laying flat. It does a great job as a splitter.

    Next I carved some wooden wedges in various sizes. These were very effective on a stuck blade or just finishing a split. Here's a couple of sizes.


    Lastly, I removed some crappy root structure from my wife's flower garden.


    The blade looks pretty good after my little workout.


    Another great product from Baryonyx Knife Co. Benjamin, thanks again for your efforts and and advice.
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