Boker Tree Brand Camp Knife (Solingen Germany Stainless)

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by GaryMc, Sep 15, 2016.

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    This one has not gone in my pocket yet but I got it in the mail today and think this is going to get a LOT of pocket time, Boker Camp Knife with Stag handles from our friend on the old site @eCop. Very similar to a Victorinox Spartan with an old school really classic feel to it. I remember my Great-Grandfather carrying Bokers and Barlows when I was young so that fact brings back some good memories as I sit holding this knife. I added the Victorinox mini-screwdriver to the corkscrew which was a perfect fit. Also came with a nice sleeve to keep it looking new.

    Came really sharp, stainless steel blades and tools, perfect snap and feel on everything, solid lock up on all blades and tools, absolutely beautiful stag handles. Made in Germany. I'll try to give a follow-up after I use it for a few months.

    Boker Tree Brand Solingen Germany Stainless.



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    I really like it, hope it passes the test
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