American Mutt and Bull Thistle American Scythe Stone

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    Received some American Mutt stones and a Bull Thistle American scythe stone and quite pleased with them.

    Lately I've been on a coarser stone kick and using nothing finer than a coarse DMT stone on knives as I didn't like the lack of "bite" on finer polished edges or suffering from micro chips on some stainless. Coarse edges seemed to be the solution for both and possibly kept a shaving edge longer.

    I was very happy and surprised when I couldn't resist trying a pocket mutt stone on my JG3 that had lost a shaving edge but could just slice copy paper. On a new dry stone a few light strokes with not even the weight of the knife I had a shaving sparkling edge that could cut curves on copy paper. A couple of light reflecting spots from cutting weeds next to rock had now disappeared.

    The bull thistle stone put a nice paper slicing edge after some file work on a machete. Those dang flint rocks had been waiting for eons to ambush my blade, they seem to sense the best ambush points.

    Anxious to see what it will do on my Becker BK4 and that curved edge.
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