ESEE Survey

To better serve our end users and to design products the customer desires, we would appreciate it if you take the time to complete our short survey. Please use a valid email address.

How did you find out about ESEE?
What social media or search engine did you use to find out about ESEE?
Have you ever attended a Randall's Adventure & Training class?
What is the top activity you participate in on a regular basis?
What type of training class would you be most interested in?
What ESEE knife is your favorite model that you currently own?
What ESEE knife models do you anticipate purchasing in the future?
What is the most important reason you purchased an ESEE product?
Of the products listed below which one would you like to see from ESEE in the future?

Where do you purchase most of your outdoor gear?
How would you rate the dealer you buy ESEE products from?

What outdoor magazines do you read on a regular basis?
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What is your age range?
What is your gender?
What is your income bracket?
Does the ESEE website give sufficient details about each product?
What can we do to make the ESEE website better?
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What type of device do you use the most to view our web site?
What overall rating would you give ESEE Knives as a company?

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