Rescue Izula

A new project we are working on is the rescue Izula named the “Imlay” that will feature a blunted tip, partially serrated edge, 440C steel and an O2 wrench in the handle. The Imlay will come equipped with a unique secondary retention device that we’ve been testing during our rope rescue, canyoneering and swift water rescue classes. The photo below is a working prototype used to prove out the concept. This is not the final version of the secondary retention.

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  1. Very Keen? It would be a great companion on board a ac45 americas cup catamaran.
  2. I met you at the nantahala the other day and was going to ask about the knife you were wearing. Great idea!
  3. Your knives are top notch and some of the only I use. I am a firefighter, us&r team member and flight medic so I have to be able to rely on my gear. I will definitely get one of these for my vest.
  4. Very excited for this. Maybe an updated "river" survival kit to go with?
  5. I love this concept. However, as a lover of ESEE in general (especially my laserstrike) I ask you why stop at just a rescue Izula? I personally would enjoy all those features minus the blunt tip. A pry bar in the handle or glass breaker also useful. Also would have liked laserstrike to have a pry bar or hammer. Also a tomahawk is due. Thanks again for making great products. I love my laserstrike and use the hell out of it, and I want to get a second one just to use as paper weight.
  6. Stay tuned, Alex. I think you're going to see some of what you asked for in the near future.
    • Any chance we could get an ETA on some of the new gear? I'm in the market for a few new items and would hate to miss out on your knives. Really looking forward to it.
  7. The PR4 should be shipping by first part of November. That will be the next new item to start shipping. The rescue Izula will most likely be next year some time since we are in the process of building molds for the secondary retention. Stay tuned and thanks! Jeff
  8. Any chance rescue Izula would have a SCUBA application? Bling tip with serated edge is key but also the retention has to be 100%
  9. George, the secondary retention device we are working on is really secure. I've been using it during a lot of hard training just to see how well it stays in place and it has been no problems.
  10. Gary Linville
    I agree with the tomohawk idea! I do not have one yet but I would wait if I thought for a second Esee were going to build one! Just a side note, I have been having trouble getting through to the company site, I'm not computer savvy by no means, but I had ordered a set of screws for an Esee 4 molle sheath but they only sent ONE. If you could please direct me on what to do I would appreciate it very much!­čÖé I would love to get another knife but I've ordered so many my wife is going to bury me alive! I bought my first Esee (Esee 4 double edge) at smoky mountain knife works last year! Told her I did not want anything for Christmas but the Esee candiru! Got it by the way! And recently I ordered the Esee 4 plain edge! Love them all! Been thinking all the other knives I had ordered should've been Esee brand as well! Then I would be on my way to fulfilling the Esee collection. Anyway I hope the next one will be the isula, isula2, or the expat cleaver! Thanks
  11. Gary, contact the office via email: or you can call (256) 613-0372.
    • Gary Linville
      Thank you Jeff! It's a pleasure to hear from you personally! I have a 2 1/2 year old son that I stay home with so I apologize for being on here so late last night. I am also disabled so I'm not able to physically do everything I used to. I had cancer at 15 and had my leg amputated but it's people like you and the ones who are on the forum as well who have encouraged me to start getting outdoors more often than just a walk through the woods! I'm planning on camping out in the woods again soon. Too many people rely on man made objects of technology to live when we all know electronic devices don't supply food shelter and warmth like real wood and natures given supplies to sustain us best! God put it here for a reason! Thank you for such great products!
  12. Gary, appreciate your post. It's always refreshing to see people pushing through their own challenges and not letting them stop them. Keep doing what you do and just know we appreciate folks like you. Makes us proud. Let me know if the office got the screw problem fixed. If not, then please email me direct: and I will make sure it gets resolved. - Jeff
  14. 440C is a great steel if heat treated properly. Edge retention is excellent.
  15. JT
    I've been using a stainless steel Izula as my river knife for a couple years now and it's the perfect thing. I've been wanting to see you guys come out with a blunt-tipped version for a while now, especially because my boat of choice is an Alpacka raft. As far as the secondary retention goes, have you considered some kind of coiled lanyard with a quick-release clip? I'm thinking of picking up something like one of these fellas up to add to my stainless steel Izula: Anyhow - just a thought I wanted to share. Keep up the good work!