Dealer Resources

ESEE Knives does not allow direct sales to Amazon, LLC. Dealers and retailers may sell ESEE products on their Amazon store but no dealer is allowed to sell directly to Amazon.

ESEE Knives does not strictly prohibit from listing our products on Ebay but we strongly advise against it. As far as we know Ebay is the largest domestic source of counterfeit ESEE Knives in the marketplace. Ebay consistently refuses to remove counterfeit listings. If you list ESEE there you are mixing your products with counterfeits thus confusing customers. If your only sales are on Ebay your ESEE application will likely be declined.

We request that all warranty issues be addressed directly through ESEE Knives and not through the local dealer/retailer. This ensures that the end user is dealt with in a timely fashion and given correct information concerning their issue. This also alleviates the retailer from playing “middleman” when a customer has a concern or issue.

New order leads times range from 60-90 days depending on the item ordered.

To become a new dealer for ESEE Knives, please submit your Business License, State Sales Tax # (If applicable) and the dealer application form (below) to You can also fax this information to (256) 570-0175. Once we receive these documents we will forward our pricing and programs. You may also use this web-based form to complete the application and upload your files.

Forms / Dealer Resources: