Counterfeit ESEE Knives


We will not honor any warranty request for any knife marked “ESEE Knives” that was made in China – These counterfeit ESEE knives are being sold on Ebay by sellers such as usagoodmixerbamajoe, amyv732012, kaluoseller2009, and others. There are also stores we are pursuing legal action against, such as Quick Knife Co, LLC in Cullman, Alabama. Just about any “ESEE” bought on, and is a counterfeit. If you want a genuine ESEE Knife, be sure to buy from our authorized dealers (use the dealer locator on this page).

Learn how to spot a fake by looking at this counterfeit Izula below. Any Izula with serial # 51455 is a made-in-China counterfeit. Also note the packaging and bar code is a direct copy of authentic ESEE packaging. The sheath has a different texture than an authentic ESEE Izula sheath. The ESEE-3 (photo right) is a good quality counterfeit. Made in China and sold with all ESEE markings and USA designator.

If you see a counterfeit, please report it to us.


If anyone comes across one of these knives or knows of a dealer or distributor selling fake ESEE Knives, please contact us and we will pursue legal action. Please read the law on counterfeit trademarks and products.