Randall's Adventure Training ® has been designing, marketing and selling survival and military styled knives since 1997. One of our first designs was the RTAK which was built by Newt Livesay's Wicked Knife Company long before Ontario Knife Company produced the design. We also produced and sold the RAT skinning / survival knife made by John Greco, and the RAT Laser Strike knife made by TOPS (We have since re-introduced the Laser Strike as an ESEE knife). Randall's Adventure Training ® also designed the following knives for Ontario Knife Company: RTAK II, TAK, RAT-7, RAT-5, RAT-3, Model 1 folder and the Model II folder. It should be noted that even though we designed the RAT line for Ontario, we do not manufacture it. Therefore, all marketing, customer service and warranty issues for any Ontario RAT knife must be handled through them and not ESEE.

ESEE ® Knives now has distributors in every corner of the world. Our knives and gear are extremely popular with military and law enforcement personnel and have been featured in several movies, including BATTLE LA, TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, RED DAWN (2012) and the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger movie SABOTAGE (photo below with ESEE-4).